A first list of sources for a barbeque or dishes!




A local producer with a butcher shop in "lower" Mombercelli, where they sell the own beef from those special piemontese race.
Please check on the website when the shop is open, mostly only Friday until Monday.

Cascina Cisi
  Cascina Cisi

punto vendita:

Via Garibaldi 23
14047 Mombercelli AT
  Better "puro suino". A producer a few kilometers away with the own "ranch" and produces the own "country" and old style salame.
Please check the website when the selling points are open.
  LUISET AgriSalumeria

punto vendita:

AgriSalumeria LUISET di Casetta Mauro
Via Torino 107
14012 Ferrere AT


  The first boucher where we saw that special piemontese beef race. Most time you can see one shop window as a fridge one of the cattle ready for cutting up. They sell not only beef, ask too for chicken, porc or for one out of the large salami collection.
  Monferrato Carni di Giolito Pietro & C.S.N.C

Marcelleria Carni Scelte
10, Via Carlo Alberto
14049 Nizza Monferrato AT
  Mhhhh and when you order it, they prepare you too some Lasagne (to take back home)
  Pasta Fresca

Chiarlo Luciano
Via Balbo 7
Nizza Monferrato