Let us surprise you with the future list of hints from the aera!



A surprise this little local in quality, price and products. Yes, they use whenever possible their own products.
The hint from one of our neighbors was it worth to follow. Clear it is her son running it.
  Azienda Agrituristica ARGENTERA di Barbero Silvana
Via Duca d'Aosta 2
14040 Vigliano d'Asti

Do not forget to announce your coming and reserve a table a few days before. Yes, we had to wait 3 days to get a table!

Not around the corner, the ristaurante La Romantica, but a visit worth all over the year.
Desire a pizza, grilled king prawns with chilly sauce, fresh pasta, and, and... tasty and high quality, it is the drive worth.
  La Romantica
Strada Alessandria 13
14049 Nizza Monferato

Most times it is not required to reserve a table, but keep an eye on, special Saturday evenings in summer.